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Ideally suited for the small to medium woodworking shop. Includes 16' in feed capacity .  It comes standard with these features:  Will optimize random lengths up to 16',  Can remove defects marked by a fluorescent crayon,  cut stock lengths to desired length.  This machine is under power and ready for any demonstration in Randleman, NC

Single Board

This mode is set for single size cutting.  Key in the desired size from the cutting length or choose a size from the 50 presets of memory.


Optimizing from Unknown Lengths

This mode will cut any length up to 16' .  It will cut suitable lengths from varying sizes.  If the quantity of one size is reached it will then select other sizes.  The program will show the remaining lengths required automatically.


Optimizing from Known Length

This mode will cut multiple quantities from stock lengths.  Key in the desired material length and the pusher will move to the same length board each time.  The auto cutting cycle has 1-50 sets of memory.

Defecting Mode

A fluorescent crayon is used to mark and remove the defects.


Programmable screen

Easy to use touch interface.  Programs very quickly for ease of use.


Material Pusher

Programmable controlled pushing device driven by servomotor. 

Fixed position: program in the size and the pusher will automatically move to the correct position ready for use.

Operating Pusher:  Key in all required sizes; when one size is finished. The pusher will continue running until all the programmed sizes are finished


Cutting Width
Cutting Circle



Opti 10-330

  • Standard 8 sets of cutting data memory
  • Can be used with external printer, or computer with unlimited memory
  • Efficient and Accurate on many requirements such as lengths for furniture parts, rail stock etc.
  • High speed pusher up to 200 feet per minute.
  • Accuracy within 0.1 mm
  • Optional shorter tables are available

Saw Spindle Speed

2200 RPM

Circular Saw Diameter


Saw Motor

10 HP (15 HP optional)

Feed Speed

15-60 m/min

Height of Bed

34.6" (880mm)

Air Pressure

22-115 FPM

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