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ULTRA      MRS 142/146

Equipped with Powered Elevation, Automatic Power Shutoff, Link Chain, Auto-Lubricator, 3 rows of Anti-Kickback Fingers, and Auto-Brake to Saw Motor


Large Pressure Plate

Ideally suited for short stock will hold the material firmly enabling stability during sawing operation


Auto Power Off

If  any guard cover is opened power is automatically disconnected and the motor brake will be activated for safety protection



Variable Feed Speed

The variable feed range is ideally suited for all types of hard and soft woods. The front mounted wheel allows for quick adjustment of the feed speeds.



Small Pressure Plate

The short wood pressure plate is ideal for t thicker material both large and small plates are easy to interchange



Newly Designed Link Chain

Special link chain features no gaps when running.  Preventing foreign objects, wood chips, etc. to fall between the track.  The link chain is manufactured from durable cast iron and provides high breaking strength over 50,000lbs.  The feed rail is manufactured from alloy steel hardened to over 50 HRC for minimum wear.



Anti-Kickback Fingers

The feed is equipped with three rows of anti-kickback fingers. Two sets above and one set below.


Electric Lubricator

The lubricator delivers oil to the link chains.  It is specially designed to allow constant flow at all speeds. Chain feed will automatically stop if oil level is too low.

Spindle Adjustment

Specially designed eccentric adjustment of spindle allows the spindle to run vibration free.  It is completely isolated from wood chips and saw dust eliminating fire hazards.



MRS 146

MRS 142

Maximum Depth of Cut



Maximum Sawblade Diameter



Length of Sawblade Sleeve



Width of Feed Chain



Saw Motor

60 HP

50 HP

Feed Motor

3 HP

2 HP

Speed of Saw Arbor

3600 RPM

3600 RPM

Variable Feed Speed of Chain

22-115 FPM

22-115 FPM

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