The ULTRA-240 is a ruggedly built machine, ideally suited for planing rough boards to a finished thickness, will run long and short cupped boards, reduce chip out on smooth interlocking type grains.

 Features include: Solid cast iron body, load amp meters, heavy duty type spiral cutterheads, finger feed, motor brakes and programmable PLC thickness controller with 3 positions after the decimal point.




Max. Width of Material 40"
Max. Height of Finished Material 8"
Min. Thickness of Material 3/8"
Min. Length of Material 12 1/4"
Heavy Duty Style Cutterhead  (Diameter) 5 1/4"
Knife Size 30 X 12 X 1.5mm
Cutterhead Speed 6000 RPM
Infinitely Variable Feed of 20 70 FPM
Dust Hood Diameter 6" and 4"
Surface Area of Table 40" X 103"
Top Cutterhead 50 HP
Bottom Cutterhead 40 HP
Brakes to Both Cutterhead Motors  
Feed Drive 7.5 HP
Table Elevation 1 HP
Net Weight 14000 lbs

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