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This machine is ideally suited for the architectural millwork and S4S and flooring operations.  It is equipped with many extras for all types of manufacturing. Such as, 2nd horizontal spindle that has a 9 1/4" cutting circle for heavy duty crown and stair rail.  Capacities range from 6x9 all the way up, please call for additional specs..

Centralized Pressure Regulators

  • All pressure regulators for the entire pneumatic system are located at the front right section of the machine for operator convenience

  • Sectional pressure adjustments to all overhead feed rollers ensure desired pressure settings.



Powered In-Feed Table Roller

  • Allows positive traction especially for hard to feed materials.




Vertical Spindle Adjustment
up to 60 MM

  • Allows two or more setups on the vertical spindle saving time on the tool changes.  The 60mm adjustment is ideal for utilizing the full 60mm length of a planing head.




Side Front Pressure Plate on Left Vertical Spindle

  • Fully eliminates unsmooth problems when feeding short or narrow stock.  The pressure plate is easy to adjust.




Centralized Lubrication

  • All necessary adjustments and slides throughout the machine are lubricated from a centralized location.




Separate Motor and Spindle

  • The motor is mounted separately from the spindle, which eliminates spindle vibration.




Universal Spindle (Optional)

  • Can be used and tilted to several positions for complicated cutting applications.




Digital Spindle Positioning Controller

  • Available to any of the cutting spindles.

  • Permits fast, convenient and excellent accuracy for spindle positioning.


Double Hold Down Pressures

  • Double hold down pressures can be added with the following movements of x, y & z giving independent pressure to the uneven materials such as crown moulding, chair rail, etc. While also, giving firm overhead support on the complete width of the material.



Feed Magazine

  • Provides constant feeding with no gaps particularly with short stock.  Thus increasing the rate of production and also is a good safety feature particularly on very short pieces.



Working Width 10-230mm / 3/4-9"
Working Height 7-160mm / 3/8-6"
Number of Spindles 5-8
Bottom Horizontal Spindle 15HP
Right Vertical Spindle 10HP
Left Vertical Spindle 10HP
1st Top Horizontal Spindle 15HP
2nd Top Horizontal Spindle 15HP
2nd Bottom horizontal Spindle 15HP
Motor Capacity of Feed 5 HP and up
Spindle Speed 6000 RPM
Spindle Diameter 40mm / 1" 13/16"
Tool Cutting Circle, First Bottom Spindle 125-180mm
Tool Cutting Circle, Vertical Spindles, Left 100-200mm
Tool Cutting Circle, Vertical Spindles, Right 100-200mm
Tool Cutting Circle, Horizontal Spindles, Top 100-200mm / 4"-8"
Tool Cutting Circle, 2nd Horizontal Spindle, Top 100-235 / 4-9 1/4"
Tool Cutting Circle, Horizontal Spindles, Bottom 100-200mm / 4"-8"
Tool Cutting Circle, 2nd Horizontal Spindles, Bottom 100-250mm / 4-10"
Feed Speed 6-36 m/min / 20-120 f/min
Pneumatic Pressure for feed rollers 6 bar / 80 psi
Adjustment range for infeed table and edge-jointing fence 12mm
Adjustment range for vertical spindles (axial) 80mm
Adjustment range for horizontal spindles (axial) 40mm
Length of Straightening Table 1800mm
Mechanical digital readouts for the pressure shoes and hold-down unit
Full Sound and Safety Enclosure
Motorized vertical adjustment feed
Lateral pressure roller opposite first right spindle
Chainless cardan feed system

Included Equipment

  • Oversize cutting circle on the 2nd  top horizontal spindle giving a cutter clearance of 9 1/4"

  • Pneumatic chipbreakers on both top spindles

  • Pneumatic side Pressures before the left side vertical spindle

Optional Equipment

  • Universal spindle

  • Motor horsepower increase

  • Groove bed for short and uneven work pieces

  • Central location for all lubrication points at the front of the machine

  • Programmable Positioning

Spindle Configuration

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